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Crushing Car Spring With Hydraulic Press Is One Of The Scariest Press Tests Ever

Alternative World News NetworkNov 8, 2016, 4:48:17 PM

The hydraulic press is at it again; this time, smashing a car spring with some seriously resistive force.

These springs can be extremely dangerous.  There's a possibility they can slip and fire out sideways with force near-equal to the pressure being put on them vertically.

The spring is from a Toyota Corolla and considered "one of our most stupid things that we have ever done," according to the Finnish press operator, adding "do not do this at home or anywhere else. This is fucking stupid."

The reason they are so dangerous is because of the energy that is built up when springs are compressed.  The elastic potential energy is actually proportional to the compressed distance squared.  When they are compressed, there is a tendency for them to explode out sideways at incredible speeds.

You can see what happens when this goes wrong in this video around 10:20


Now; here's the hydraulic press in action!