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Combating cultural enslavement

StriverNov 8, 2016, 9:33:33 AM

This blogpost analyses the control matrix and then suggest practical solutions. Here we go:

People are able to know what is good for them on an instinctive level. Those instincts are often reinforced by information we manage to gather during our lives.


But the reason we don't more often follow those impulses is the fact that there exist a powerful and vast outside influence that pushes us on a contrary path. Even though a few people manage to resists those influences, most don't.


Females are especially susceptible to this force, since they are genetically predisposed to be an integrated part of their community, and mortally fear being ostracized, since it's the other females in collective that will care for her should her male provider die. Of course, this genetically predisposition is modified by higher thinking, but, obviously, half the people have lower than average thinking abilities.


So where does this powerful and vast influence receive its funding? From what I gathered, it's not self-sustaining, since it's destructive in nature. It's not like the money spent on SJW propaganda is creating a value in the world, and part of that value is funneled back to reinforce the pro-SJW signal. So if it is not generating its own resources, where are they coming from?

Large corporations, directed by powerful think tanks. They are the prime financiers of social propaganda and gatekeepers of what makes it into the public mind.

They do this since it's profitable for them to do so in the long run. I'll explain how spreading destruction among your  own customers can be profitable.

Large corporations, fueled by the wealth that the human race is destined to accumulate through our daily lives, have grown so powerful that they are able to effortlessly corrupt the government in a way that was not easily foreseen during times of less wealth. 

If you have read my blog about laws (link), you will understand that government laws are nothing but a system of opinions backed up by threat of physical violance in order to control society.

That corporate corruption has caused the people in government to become customers of the corporate money instead of servants of the people. After having the intentions of the laws corrupted, the guns of the police transform from a tool for protecting citizen from robbers to the weapons that enable corporate robbery of the citizens.

With this newfound power, corporations have caused the government to stifle the free market, arguing it’s for the safety of the citizenry, when in facts it’s only to incapacitate innovative newcomers who might threaten their dominant market shares. New wealth becomes a threat against the status quo. But unlike the providers of horseshoes when the cars came around, the corporations have today the means of stopping new paradigms from changing the market.

Thus, the government and corporations merge into an organized system of force against our innate drives towards freedom from coersion and towards the pursuit of wealth.


And honestly, I see no way this trend can be reversed considering how incredibly profitable it is for corporations to invest money in corrupting the government employees. Each boundary that is set to combat the corporations corrupting influence will cause even more sophisticated attacks by the corporations, especially as their wealth and options increase with the passage of time.

So we got two problems. First, big corporations spreading destructive social norms in order to stifle human progress and wealth. Second, big corporations turning the incentive of government employees  from protecting the people to harming them in order to further increase the magnitude of those destructive social changes.

The first one could be combated by declaring it immoral to trade with such corporations. And in order to know them, a list of them needs to be created.


Maybe such a list could be merged into a private banking system that simply refuses to excecute payments to said corporations, a service that would cause moral customers to select such a bank. Or maybe have banks accept block lists with red and yellow flags, and there being a series of such block list avaible to be implemented by each customer, while at the same time demanding retail to disclose the producer of each item to the bank for evaluation when it's time to pay. A red flag would invalidate the purchase, a yellow would give a warning that the user can click to occasionally ignore.

However, this solution is hard to implement, considering that most quality products come from big corporations, as they have removed any potent competition. And it will be hard to convince the population at large to give up their valued items and services for some abstract moral good.  How well did you manage to dissuade your family and friend from using Facebook?

The second solution is to limit the scope of government. But this also is an incredible hard battle to win, considering the ever increasing resources available to corporations. I dare to say that even sweet victories will be short lived for that very reason. It is simply too profitable to corrupt such a centralized power, and any walls raised to defend against corporation will only result in even more sophisticated attack fueled by humanities ever increasing wealth. And any foot the corporation get into government will immediately be used to increase its scope and power.

So how do you combat that?

By removing the need of governments all together.

Governments were successful as their centralization of power resulted in the ability to have functions that would require a lot of energy to be produce once and then be disseminated through the land. This energy efficiency caused them to be able to outperform all other systems.

But given the higher wealth available to humanity, we are approaching a point where that kind of efficiency is no longer vital to maintain those services.

At one time, nobody was able to decide for themselves what food corporation was safe enough to buy from, making the Food and Drugs Administration to be an effective way to stop unsafe actor from damaging society. Today, that information is one internet search away, and in the future it could become an integrate part of shoping.  And the FDA has become a corrupted monster that is now doing the very same thing it was set up to combat, due to it being fully compromised by the powers it was set up to combat.


So how do we accelerate this process?

By spending our time and resources on making governments services redundant. Besides the long term social benefits, there is even a market incentive for doing so. Having been free from the quality and efficiency demanding edge that being exposed to competition creates for such a long time, the services that the government provide have become of very poor quality, to the point where almost nobody would voluntarily pay for those services if free market alternatives were available.

However, some services are straight up illegal to compete with, and even those who you can set up without the police raiding you are very hard to attract customers to due to the simple fact that the government forces the citizenry to pay for the government equivalent service through taxes collected under threat of violence, and not many have enough money to pay again for the same service, especially when the government now provides their inferior service "for free".

But let's not underestimate human ingenuity, aided by increasingly more advanced technologies arriving. So ways will be found, but of course, this will be combated by the government. But by the same mechanism that enables corporations to create more and more sophisticated ways of circumventing legislation, so can you.

Some of the services will be easier to duplicate, such as an alternative currency. Others, such as healthcare and education will be harder, but still possible. Hardest will be services like physical protection agencies and courts that might rule against state violence, courts that would rule popularly in cases regarding the health and liberty of the people.

But as humanities accumulated wealth increases, people will eventually be able to buy those government-competing services even after having been robbed of half their wealth.

The corporations know what our main present weakness is, and what hope we have for the future, and it is for this reason that they strive to stifle and even reverse our current level of wealth creation.


This will be the first thing you can personally do something about. Maximize your wealth generation. That means no World Of Warcraft in your parents basement. It is true that you will feed tax money into the system by being productive, but each dollar spent against the system can combat hundreds of dollars spent to sustain it, as proven by some recent politicians.

The free market will become wealthier the more it takes over government services. This will of course be labeled as immoral and dangerous by government employees who will be terrified at seeing their jobs becoming redundant. And this will be the main battle that needs to be waged on a societal level, the battle to convince your fellow human that it is not dangerous and immoral to provide those same services that the government does.

And the final nail in the coffin will come when the free market has become wealthy enough that they can physically resist the tax man and their enforcers.


As the states shrink due to a lack of income and a lack of need for their services, they will become increasingly unable to enforce the systems that harm humanity and stifle human inventions and ingenuity. And eventually, the state will become so weak that it will no longer be able to feed and protect huge inefficient corporations, and they will be both outcompeted by small dedicated groups who truly burn for their field of expertise.


Instead of them being raided and having all their work put into secrete vaults.


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