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Election 2016: Prepare for a bum ending! (Part 2)

DrWilyNov 1, 2016, 11:35:00 PM


Hilary is being fingered by the Wiener. James Comey "relaunches" investigation into email scandals.

Aw snap! She was that close. She would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those snoopy "Bernie or bust" Kids and their pup named Wikileaks. While Trump surges in the polls thanks in part to Hillary's horrible postmortem karma finishing her off in the most dire of timing. Days before the United States has a presidential election.

Early polls suggest Hillary is in the lead.

Who trusts the polls anyway? I'll tell you who. You do. This is why you read them. Polls have come to be the conversation winner of any political argument. Should it be? Absolutely not. MOST polls are biased. Unless there is an uninhibited number of people being polled, and unless there are actual "demographics" of people being polled; polling has a doomed fate as being nothing more than glorified fiction.

In other words: A great story. One which is "fix it yourself".  When you have special-interest media hype and a ruthless ground game like the Clinton campaign, you can very well make the Statue of Liberty disappear. I only make that analogy to make my point. Follow the money. DJT is right about one thing... rigged is an understatement.

According to Clinton in  September 2006: "We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win". According to an old-school LP tape recording that recently surfaced. "Crooked Hillary". As crooked as they come. It is much easier to fake a digital file like an mp3 or an mp4 than It is to completely fake an LP cassette recording. Wow Hillary. Your stupid! Why on earth would she be blabbing about fraud in 2006 unless she was well accustomed and weathered to do it?

Dr. Jill Stein has also surged in independent polls, but like I said; polls are biased so you'll never get a real number without having real demographics that can be verified.

So... You still don't believe me when I told you in a blog at the end of June this year to "Prepare for a bum ending!"? O.K. Lots have happened since that blog. Lets see...



First, the head of the FBI James Comey pops out of nowhere very shortly after some eyebrow raising Wikileaks were broadcasted and an FBI probe launched to investigate Clinton's illegal private email server to investigate "intention" to break the law. Turns out James Comey knows his shit. He went completely against the approval of his Boss "Lying Loretta Lynch"



He had to head-fake the Clinton Foundation and the President so he could uphold his integrity as being a decorated officer of the law. This is a challenging undertaking. When faking you fake everyone. Even the good guys. Comey had to hold his breath for as long as possible before publicly "re-opining" the email probe case. FBI members started petitioning to resign around every corner to pressure him to do something NOW. With his personal integrity included with the entire FBI, he juked them.

Hillary is also in trouble elsewhere. Also soon to be investigated for breaking specific campaign finance laws prohibiting Super Pac's from collaborating directly with the campaign. Another recent Wikileaks from John Podesta's email collection indicates this.

Videos of Hillary's obvious racism and back-door speeches are out on the table as well. Wikileaks wasn't kidding. Assange crushed her. She may still be alive but she'll never be in politics again. Regardless if she could rig this election, the heat is on and the FBI is COMING FOR YOUR ASS HILLARY! An election isn't going to save you. I'm sorry to break that to ya.

As for Trump, you'll have to excuse the fake ass mainstream media. First, they tried making Trump look like a rapist, then they tried insisting violence at Trump rallys and blaming it on Trump.  First off, in Mr. Trumps defense, "Locker room talk" happens. Sorry to burst your bubbles but there isn't a single guy out here that hasn't at some point caressed your ego like a Siamese cat and often to your "buddies". It doesn't mean the guy is an O.G. rapist like Mr. Bill Clinton is alleged to be. Come on America! We often base shit on how things look, and let's confess. Bill "looks" like a rapist. Donald looks more  like a stuffed pig; but not a rapist.

Trump is also alleged for breaking the same campaign finance laws as HRC. If these charges are pursued you can guarantee the same thing for Trump. Even if he does take office, justice will not take a day off.



There is the "average" media blackout going on about Jill Stein and the Green Party. However, they are getting the "negative" publicity guaranteed to anyone in this country running for the highest office of the land. Same goes for Gary Johnson who is being painted like a beat up George W. Bush after a few bowls of weed. Several outcomes are possible, but none of them we will expect. That is the crazy part about the reality we live in. It is full of surprises.

However, I can make a hypothesis. My intuition has always been 97% correct. I'm not saying I'm always right. I'm saying, if I listen to my "gut" I'm normally right.

What we are beginning to see for the first time as a species, is the evolution past politics. We are witnessing the last real "fights" for civil rights and human sovereignty. Fact is, the average person is beginning to awaken to the fact that some "President" on T.V. isn't gonna change a damned thing about your life. Only you can do that. Presidents are nothing more than a distraction to keep you tangled in an elaborate web of deception in which you are controlled by the illusion of "Authority". I'm happy to see us slowly snapping out of it. I would have been really scared if we didn't.

Perhaps America will always elect a "President". However, the one thing they cannot elect is your judgment to do the right thing yourself and not depend on a Government or a boss or a big brother or sister to dictate your life for you.

We don't "need" slavery. This is an illusion that the American government has always upheld. That the system cannot change and that were all stuck in this never ending ball of shit where the many get the short end of the stick while the few benefit from the whole damned tree. We may be only left with a "House of Representatives".

Is it THAT important you have a master? A "Commander in Chief"? To tell you where your money should be going or how you will obtain it?

Prepare for a bum ending. Don't expect what appears to be coming. Just be prepared to deal with whatever shows up.

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