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Ex-Scientologist ambushed by elite members in LAX Airport [Footage]

Alternative World News NetworkApr 11, 2020, 9:55:45 PM

A former member of the church of Scientology was confronted and harassed by three top ranking members of the church, all caught on video.

Mark “Marty” Rathburn, formerly the second highest ranking member of the church before leaving, was approached by Marc Yager, Jenny Linson DeVocht, and Dave Bloomberg at Los Angeles International Airport and bereated for over two minutes.  The church members continued their barrage, though Rathburn kept quiet.

“The setup was for me to shove or hit Yager, who was giving me this leering grin,” says Rathburn, alluding to the skinny bald guy's goofy, crooked smile.  "The point is to get the person being harassed upset enough to take a punch — and then call in cops or file a legal complaint. “The thinking is, we’re going to make you go off or make you cave into yourself. It was insane.”

Rathburn is far familiar with the church's tactics as he, himself, was part of it for so long.

If asked, he says, they will say it was a random encounter, but Rathburn thinks it was rehearsed.

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