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The spontaneous Jordan Peterson debate that launched him into the global dialogue

Alternative World News NetworkMar 29, 2020, 10:20:08 PM

Social Justice Warrior: that is the title given to people that are attempting to change social policy with anger.  The anger brings out the warrior and people with this energy usually get a bad reputation.

This situation was no different.  A group of young people approached (accosted?) professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto about recent speeches he made on gender equality.

Peterson's main stance is that legislating and forcing people to use gender specific terms is dangerous because it censors and forces people to think a certain way.

The group that approached him, seemingly made up of many transgender people, say that they need to have control of what gender they are called and are willing to make it law to make sure it happens.

Both sides actually have interesting points and this debate is exactly what needs to happen.  Unfortunately, it only goes on for about 10 minutes (which are heavily edited) because the crowd just keeps screaming at him.  So many questions and comments and only one Professor Peterson.  You see him begin to become physically exhausted while trying to listen and respond and eventually he just throws in the towel.

It is so important, no matter how angry you are, to listen.  If you're going to debate someone on a public stage, you have to listen or humanity will not take you seriously.  We have evolved past the idea that being louder makes you right.  People are listening and watching and intelligence and patience speak volumes.

What are  your thoughts on this inane group conversation?