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Florida TV anchor walks off set after being prompted to talk about Kylie Kardashian. "It's a non-story."

Truth?Oct 24, 2016, 7:42:08 PM

Sometimes, even the mass-media news anchors can't take the inane bullshit.

In this epic slice of what everyone's thinking,  Florida news anchor John Brown refers to the Kardashian segment as a "non-story" and gets up and leaves.  The other two "reporters" are stunned, but awkwardly continue on, nervously chattering about Chloe Kardashian's new pet.

"I'm sick of this family!" he screams from off camera.

It is extraordinarily refreshing to see someone nail the truth while on one of these large, wealthy network "news" shows.  The Kardashians, like much of pop culture, is an engineered distraction from things like the war in the Middle East, the Federal Reserve and collusion between corporations and the US Government.

Brown later responded to the support, via social media, by telling his followers that it was all in good fun, but not before he called out the station and his coworkers for bringing up such inane trash day after day.

Go John.  We need more news anchors like you.