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Miners discover an immense piece of jade, worth $170 million

Truth?Oct 19, 2016, 11:30:51 PM

Buried deep in a mine in Kachin State, Myanmar a humongous piece of jade was unearthed, measuring 5.8 meters long and weighing 175 metric tonnes.  The market value is estimated at an amazing $170 million.

“I assume that it is a present for the fate of our citizens, the government, and our party as it was discovered in the time of our government. It's a very good sign for us,” said local politician U Tint Soe, according to the Independent.


Bit it is a huge stone.

The government plans to ship the rock to China, where it will be carved into jewelry and various sculptures.

The rock is assumed to be jadeite, the most valuable type of jade.  Amazingly, close to 70% of the world's high quality jade has come from Myanmar and it makes up nearly half of the country's GDP.  Unfortunately, there is massive governmental corruption surrounding the trade, with the Burmese (Myanmar) government having made $31 billion in illicit trade regarding the rock.