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British movement plans to end the monarchy on the death of Queen Elizabeth

Truth?Oct 19, 2016, 7:22:32 PM

British republicans have suggested, and even demanded, that the UK Monarchy be abolished upon the death of Queen Elizabeth.

In the year of 2016, it is quite odd that there is an all-powerful head of state running one of the most well known and "civilized" countries in the world.  England is known as progressive and a leader of world politics, yet a 90-year-old woman sits as sovereign; commanding all below her.  It's not 1492.  What the fuck is going on here.

When she dies, the right of rule will immediately pass to her son, Charles, without a vote.

Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic, a progressive organization that seeks to democratize England, said “it will be the first time most people have seen a change in the head of state.  I think that’s going to be a slightly odd, jarring experience for a lot of people. All of a sudden you’ve got this this other monarch who has been hoisted upon us and no debate about who it is going to be. 

“For once, actually seeing hereditary power in practice – you’ll actually see the inheritance of the throne taking place”. 

And it's sick, he says.  Just as France and Germany have ended their ancient monarchies in the last centuries, he believes it is England's time.

There "will be an opportunity, after the funeral and before the coronation, for us to do some campaigning and say, ‘Hang on a minute, this is the 21st century, if we are going to have a new head of state then perhaps we want to have a vote.’ 

Smith has pointed out that the monarchy is not the innocuous figurehead that the media has portrayed them to be, but, rather, a meddlesome force that has been controlling politics for way too long.

Republic has also gone after the news media for hoisting Queen Elizabeth's birthday to the national forefront, like a parade or national holiday.

"The Queen's birthday does not warrant this kind of coverage, it is inappropriate to celebrate a political figure like this and the public just aren't that excited about the royals.  The BBC has a duty to report, not to celebrate the royals," Smith says.  "That reporting must be fair, balanced and proportionate. So far this week the BBC has failed completely on those measures."