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Why you should buy points? #MindsGaming

MindsGaming Community Oct 15, 2016, 10:17:44 PM

In this blog we will review buying points vs point farming on Minds.Com






Point Farming

As Minds is in beta some users have noticed what us veterans of Minds call point farming. Point faming is the process of making an account or multiple accounts to mass post or “spam” for points. As each post on Minds is worth X amount of points, you then use these points to boost your content. Users can transfer points account to account, making point farming easy. Point farming is very frowned at on Minds by the majority of users.




The Pro’s & Con’s of point farming.



You can get a large amount of points without paying for them.


You can transfer points via boosting to your main account for more views on your content.






Point farming hurts the Mind network as a whole, making points less meaningful and more accessible to users who cheat the system.




Accounts may be removed for point farming (Worth risking it?)



Buying Points


Buying points on Minds supports the network, helps the designers fix bug, (Including point farming) and generates a real content view feel for the network.




You support the network & fixes to the network


You gain content views


In the US (International soon) you can become a merchant as well and be able to accept and send real money.


You can still transfer and send points




You feel cheated by point farmers.


Will this system fail?

As Minds is in beta the system is in testing, if it were to be launched in this way it would indeed fail. However the issue is under review and scrutiny by pro player and new users. Users can see that the point system has already made some small changes like the hourly reward, and has multiple Minds working on ideas of how to make it more beneficial to supporters or point buyers of the network.