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the Mandela Effect phenomenon

FlavienneOct 14, 2016, 11:32:18 PM

the Mandela Effect phenomenon


Like everything interesting, I entertained the idea but the more you think about it without feargoggles on, the easier it is to explain.


DE-sign elements change over different time periods through RE-branding and marketing. Changes are made to appeal to wider and new audiences for increased sales all the time. Changing Fruit Loops to Froot Loops is an example of a clear design choice due to the layout looking more appealing with the four Os. Removing "stein" seems like a politically correct correction. And words like 'always' will always sell better than words like 'depends'.


The lines in movies are very easy to alter when you are a skilled editor and it's even easier to spread the new versions around. The thing is, it's very simple to make it seem like something paranormal is happening, you just spread around whispers that it is happening and people will continue the fairytale for you. Most humans thrive :OFF: drama.


Compiling all these photos and "facts" into a large stack is designed to bamboozle the viewer into acceptance and seed fear within them. The question is, why would anyone go through such trouble? The answer to that is pretty clear too. It is just one more way to divide us into two groups during a time where we are all coming together.


The accounts spreading these videos cannot even have a conversation about this topic. When questioned reasonably you immediately get branded as ignorant and close-minded before having all comments erased if you do not react in the desired manner.


For me personally, this is a giant indicator of nonsense.


Mandela himself died in December 2013. I was in South Africa at the time, the day before my birthday. I remember thinking that my birthday will be Mandela Day from now on.


The group of people that were not aware of his death were distracted by the news cameras being focused elsewhere. The group that believes he died in the 1980-90s are remembering him escaping prison and his other miscellaneous badassery. Again the cameras were focused elsewhere and stories twist and warp over time.


You land up with two groups of people who are aware of different sets of "important" events happening at the time.


It's a game of distraction and the key ingredient is fear. You decide whether you play or not.