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Porn and or Dead bodies? Censoring?

Principle Bases HonorOct 14, 2016, 9:40:35 PM

Maybe I don't take compliments too well...? This is what transpired in the comments of a person who desired to censor Porn, and that turned into a lesson we should all consider, simple Right and Wrong and Values, with a little Cause and Effect thrown in.

Just how can you help? How do you make choices? What are they based on? Have you ever felt helpless? What did you do? What could you do?


Life is a choice - what do you choose?

Here is how my comments, thoughts, and lesson went, in skipping the small talk.


@BdamSmart, your too BdamNice 😘

BdamSmart @BdamSmart Oct 14, 2016, 1:46:03 PM

Everything I said was true, as don't you have supreme control of your own board? If it's within your power, should you not make corrections with your own sense of Right and Wrong? I don't make this difficult, as I just explain in a way that anyone should be able to understand. Sebastian knows I don't agree with the intent of this original post and express such the best I could in this short blip reply format, short so people actually read it. I don't do censoring nor do I agree with controlling another if they are harming, no one. So now the question is where is the line? Harming? No you are not hurt, but what of the person they USE to attempt to get money? Of free will and not based on money would that person do it? This is where Harm is, if they would NOT do it, pose or be in the picture. What does it, a person, choose is what a person chooses, then now that only Reflects on that person, and I will Judge them as I see fit, disgust and shunning are my methods and many may agree with me and a few will not. This only follows the law of Cause and Effect, as you choose and your actions are evaluated. Back to Right and wrong? Right? See what I mean? So one only needs to know their values.


BdamSmart @BdamSmart Oct 14, 2016, 2:27:46 PM

Let's change the WORD from Porn to Dead? I will post DEAD bodies, video of people being killed and it will offend you, as it should. Why? Because if someone is harmed, then people should know about it, see it, understand it, and make corrective actions. Most will agree with the Right and Wrong aspects, but it's not normally the Dead Persons fault - well sometimes it is? So how do you know? Well how can you know if you don't see the evidence? Pictures, video, sound, and a witness is also used, but in today's with people exaggerating a truth one still has to learn and practice discernment - with the fundamental WHY? question.

Then as in my previous comment post, people are evaluated, from their actions and values - as compared to yours. (Small example - I have no Respect for Hillary Voters or supporters. Why? Well they don't know what I know. Why? They didn't take the time to learn, nor may have had the time to learn. Is that their fault? Yes, and No; yes they should desire to know, yet being a slave and bombarded with false information - then the aspect of I'm only one person, so what can I do? Aspect,  gives them a "No", not your fault aspect) Me on the other hand have no excuse because I know - so I would be complicit in her crimes should I let them go unexpressed. Why does that matter in porn or dead bodies? There is a trail of them, so why does it matter? What if you are next?

I don't operate on fear, while there may be danger, and she is not the DIRECT trigger or accident person, one should realize who might be? What power they have? Who would know? So I slowly submit evidence attempting to do my part. What is the chain that makes it or gives it Justice? Well the very thing she desires to control. I will not be complicit in her crimes, so I look out for you and me, while as a writer, I put myself in more danger than you.

This leads back to the control of words and pictures. How can you know?

  • Well Right and Wrong; where are your values?
  • Pleasure and Pain, where are your limits?
  • Who is Harmed?
  • What and where do you Stand?

If I watch like 10 or 12 cops execute a homeless man, small and only having a knife, be executed! I'm going to tell you about it!!!

If I see a truck with 5 or 6 heads in the back that were cut off by an enemy! I'm going to tell you about it.

If some dick clown or General or State Dept Official tries to start WW III Over some illusion of 'money and Interest' for some scheme? I'm going to tell you about it!

WHY? Because if I don't it's my fault!!! My inaction and you would have your excuse; I just didn't know! I'm taking that and those away from you, NOW CHOOSE!!!

Figure out your own Right and Wrong.

Where are your values?

Yes, all this from some Little PORN Censoring Comment!!!!

So this is how my afternoon went after pulling an all nighter, in catching up with post comments. We all have big issue to deal with in the very near future and this is just one aspect of it - Justice. Justice is the thing that is suppose to help us bring forth issues for correction, because without it, it would not be fair and mistakes would be made. What does that lead to? Blood feuds, why? Because you just didn't know, never considered it, and now you have a means to let people know on @Minds, thanks to @ottman, @john @mark; giving you a platform to inform and help people make choices, with information which its your RESPONSIBILITY to DISCERN, make your JUDGEMENTS on!  If you want to talk about FREEDOM, you better start learning and practicing it, and to SPEAK or WRITE your mind and thoughts is a FIRST STEP - Defending that Right with a gun if necisarry to keep people honest in your ability to EXPRESS YOURSELF.  These are only words and lessons which you should already know, but maybe haven't thought enough about lately - you are a Special Point in Time to Matter - YOU CHOOSE!

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