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This 11-year-old comedian is tearing up the circuit and blowing people away with her NSFW humor

Alternative World News NetworkOct 12, 2016, 7:17:38 PM

Saffron Herdon.  If you haven't heard of her yet, you're going to.  she's  an 11-year-old comedic genius and her NSFW (that's Not Safe For Work) comedy is going viral.

It is relatively unexpected to find young comedians, though once you hear some of Herdon's jokes you'll see that times are changing.  She's, not only, an inspiration to young kids that want to get into the art, but just downright hilarious.

We're lucky to see her at the beginning of her career.  According to Herndon, her work is mostly inspired by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Diller, and Aubrey Plaza


Here's a clip from the Today Show, where she had to tone it down for network television.  That, alone, is already funny.


Here's just a taste of what's to come