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VW’s new electric car is cheaper and gets more MPC than Tesla 3 or Chevy Bolt

Truth?Sep 29, 2016, 12:14:46 AM

Electric cars are getting significantly cheaper and faster and the battery lives are improving constantly.  This is inherent in Volkswagen's new model, the I.D., part of a group of electric vehicles planned to be released by 2020.

It has a 167 horsepower electric motor and a driving range between 250 and 373 miles per charge.  It is expected to take about 15 minutes to charge the battery to 80% and will likely cost less than $30,000 (cheaper than the Tesla 3).

Volkswagen is committing themselves to releasing 25 models of electric vehicle by 2025, including a, a sedan, sports car, SUV and a production version of the Budd-e concept car.  All of these cars will have automated driving technology.

The Budd-e

Volkswagen claims the I.D. will be the first model to be released, though others have postited that the Budd-e will be their first choice.