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Medicine 2016

GregNiceSep 28, 2016, 7:11:52 PM

This is my first blog.  I felt like writing one and this is what I'm pissed most about right now

With Kratom now illegal in just a few days, the medical industry (what it is) is pushing more people towards synthetic pain killers.  The comfort of this holistic stimulant/seditive is now soon to be Schedule 1.  As someone who has used Kratom from time to time (for both rec and anxiety) I feel that it is complete bullshit.  Marajuana remains Schedule 1 as well, even as everyday evidence is everywhere touting it's powerful medicinal potential.  Both drugs are harmless.  You might zip up your dick, or forget to put it away, but you will not die from consumption.  I am also someone who in the past abused heroin, cocaine and alcohol.  It's been 113 months since I have touched these substances.  Both Kratom and Marajuana are not substances to be grouped along with the rest of Schedule 1.  My point is that the governement wants three things to happen:

1.) You have to go to the doctor

2.) You are treated, not cured

3.) You get to fill and consume perscription meds

My mother was diagnosed with cancer over 10 years ago.  After one cycle of radiation the desease started to disappear.  By the time that she was due to receive the second cycle, the Alkaline diet she had been on had all but removed the cancer and she chose to forgo more radiation.  Granted, her cancer was caught in it's initial stage.  To this day she is cancer free and I consider her to be very lucky.  I have watched quite a few friends and family suffer through radiation and end up dead anyway.  I firmly believe that nature provides a cure for all of our ailments.  I also believe that the politicians and the medical industry do not have our best interest in mind.  Their interest is only money, and their greed is so ravenous that they can no longer hide it.