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Historical Evidence for Jesus Christ - still NONE!

John R. EllisSep 27, 2016, 11:36:38 PM

Current Historical Evidence for Jesus Christ   (still none at all)

I live in the Bible Belt of the USA.  I am surrounded by people who actually think there ever was a Jesus living on earth, and think this mythical creature was a god thing, who they Believe In to be "Saved".  Again, he has disappeared, as he does every time he is researched - review this first link for easy to understand explanation of the bogus evidence brought up by apologists and biased historians:


I share this as much to have a copy easily findable for each time I get into an argument with some Believer who claims "Jesus existed", as to inform anyone else who didn't already know all this.   Also, here is a video laying out the actual history of the Jesus myth:

Part 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcPiUGGd25s

[I have not found part 2 -  which I think is an inside joke since there is no evidence of any historical Jesus]

Website of Kenneth Humphreys, author of Jesus Never Existed 


This was last updated in 2011:


And here is a longer, much more detailed analysis of the Jesus Myth by R G Price:


Additional useful article that begins where the above leaves off:


Here is a 1 hour video by a historian on the information that changed his mind about there ever having existed a real Jesus:


[About 20 minutes is on the topic of Euhemerization]

Listland blog on the topic:


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