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86-year-old cures scoliosis and transforms her body with yoga

Alternative World News NetworkSep 20, 2016, 7:16:09 PM

86-year-old Anna Pesce realized things had gone too far when her scoliosis, a curvature in the spine, essentially put her in a wheelchair.  On a 2014 trip to Wagener, SC to visit her family, she experienced severe pain that ended her fun.

“I had this horrible pain shooting up my back,” Pesce tells The Post. “I had to be carried up the stairs and put into a wheelchair for the rest of my stay.”

It developed slowly, but the scoliosis had taken its toll on the New York native.

“I tried everything: acupuncture, a physical therapist and seeing a chiropractor,” Pesce said. “You feel good temporarily, but [I’d be] in pain again soon after.”

It was then, that her daughter introduced her to Rachel Jesian, certified yoga instructor and back specialist.  They began working on restorative poses and stretches and after one month Pesce was able to walk again.

“After two months, another big milestone was that [Pesce] knew what poses to do whenever the usual pains would come up for her,” Jesien says. “For example, if she was having hip pain, she’d sit on a chair and do an ankle-to-knee pose.”

Jesian discovered back-care yoga in 2010 after being recommended by a massage therapist. “I had to wear a back brace for five years and went to physical therapy every week, but this was the only thing that worked,” says Jesien.

Since the two began their work, it seems like miracles have happened.

“I feel wonderful now because I can drive by myself and do the things I wasn’t able to do before,” Pesce says. “I would recommend this to other people.”

Of course, it's not really a miracle.  It's yoga.