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Bringing Creation into Being... For the awakened soul.

Meg Boardman (aka Cartman1/Nikki) Sep 14, 2016, 9:51:28 AM

What happens when the soul wakes up?

 This is a challenging process for the individual soul aspect.Awakening involves a shedding of the old skin. There is an intense grieving process that goes along with this.

  Many lifetimes of programmes, that have prevented a soul from connecting with the authentic self, must be purged and released.All experiences are stored in the DNA, (Human Akash).

'The Neverending Story' of human experience, is to be stuck on the wheel of reincarnation.

How does a soul get trapped on the wheel of reincarnation?

Each life experience is chosen by the individual soul aspect before the incarnation takes place.Each soul aspect will be at a certain level of evolution.Choices are always relevant to specific lessons, that are required for the 'individual's soul's evolution, and also collectively.


(this is when a soul aspect uses a physical vehicle to experience itself as a solid form/solid matter, in the realm of polarity and duality).

An individual soul aspect is part of a collective group of souls, that makes 'The Whole'.Not every soul aspect will take on a physical, solid form.Also, some soul aspects that make up the group will choose existence on other planets, in other dimensions.

There are other planets very much like planet earth, that are parallel realities to the earth we experience at present.

Often a soul aspect will split and one aspect will take on a physical body and incarnate on one earth, and the other aspect will do exactly the same, and incarnate to exist on the other earth.

The two aspects are essentially the same person-(physical embodiment), the same physical embodiment of that soul aspect.They choose identical experiences before incarnation.

This happens because it greatly assists in the collective soul's evolution.Choices or desires are not always fully experienced, because the individual often gets caught up and distracted by the illusion, the game of life.

When parallel incarnations take place, one of the souls embodiments will usually carry out the task of experiencing a chosen desire, even if the other aspect gets distracted.This helps keep the soul's evolution on track.Sometimes if a soul aspect has been stuck on the wheel of reincarnation for many lifetimes, a dual incarnation may be a good option for the soul's collective evolution.

There is a saying...Going off the rails.

This is often looked upon as something negative.I like to look upon this as something very positive.Sometimes 'Going off the rails' is usually the awakening process that leads to the path of enlightenment.

To release fear, we must go off the rails and break the repeated cycles and programmes.

Life is to love and exist without fear.

Place yourself in alignment with the vibrational frequency of the source, your higher self.

When this is done, life becomes a truly magical event of synchronistic experiences.

Life is then no longer a struggle of constantly swimming in the opposite direction of the flowing current of energy.

We are here to enjoy life as CREATOR'S.