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The first water drone has been released into Rotterdam port that can recycle 500kg of plastic per day

Ian CrosslandSep 12, 2016, 4:19:03 PM

Plans have been deep underway to modernize the port of Rotterdam, as local officials are determined to make the port cleaner, sustainable and more efficient.

The newest addition to the fleet is the "waste shark," a water drone that is able to clean up mounds of plastic trash every day which is recycled.

The mouth of the vehicle is located about 35 centimeters below the surface of the water and it can pick up about 300 kg of plastic waste at a time.

“Innovation cannot be forced," says Allard Castelein, Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Rotterdam Authority.  "However, you can create an environment in which innovation is likely to take place and be in line with the market."

This is what they've done at the Rotterdam port.  Not only will the plastic be cleaned, but it will be reused.  The drone just keeps going at it.

For the next six months, four drones will be released into the port to clean and see what they can accomplish.