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Boosting, Points, Cashing out? Minds.Com #MindsGaming

MindsGaming Community Sep 10, 2016, 5:57:48 PM


Here we will talk about points, how they work, what a merchant is, and how to send and receive real money on Minds.


Points, what are they, what do they do, how to earn them, and cashing them in.


Points are a reward system on Minds. You get points in a few ways like posting, liking, reminding, getting likes for your posts, and logging in.


Points can be used for a large amount of things.

You can send points to other users on Minds to promote your content via a remind.

You can wire a user points for rewards, or just to support them via WIRE

You can boost your post/ content to the network for view, one point equals 1 view (5 seconds on another users screen via news-feed).

You can also boost you channel.

When you boost your channel content, your channel icon will appear in the news-feed as well as the boost feed.


When you boost a remind, post or content it shows in your subscribers news-feed as well as the networks newsfeeds.  ( Boosted)


Points are not worth real money, they are to promote content.


You can send and receive money on Minds as a merchant via paypal and credit/debit cards. Only boost pros or merchants can send and revice money on Minds.


Sending real money to users for content as a merchant. Merchants can send and receive real money via paypal through the Minds network. You may wan to use this for a number of things. To pay for use of artwork, or donate to your favorite music artist, funding a project, ot just to promote your content to a viral channel.


Viral channels have active users who view their channels content, sending money to promote your own content to that channel much like points, however I feel as points are not worth real money many channels are more inclined to boost the post on top of the remind for the cash.

Boosting your channel, content, and favorite posts to the network allows users to gain connections and contact with liked Minds.


** When you accept a boost yo your channel you may not remove the remind, as the remind was paid for by the booster.

Boost points & send us money for your personal content @MindsGaming (Dontate to our community by boosting points & cash to #MindsGaming )


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