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My Butterfly Encounter

MaggieFreetobemeSep 9, 2016, 7:45:41 AM

Yesterday I saw this beautiful butterfly.He flew by my face a couple of times. Felt like a message.I mentally talked with him telling him how beautiful he is. Today.he was at the same flowers.... I intuitively felt that I was to hold him. So I slowly put my finger out and he hopped right on.I held him for a minute or so,then put him back on the flowers. Went to get my camera,and he did get on my finger,but not long enough to take the picture.

I have been having some difficult days of late.This encounter with this butterfly served to help me get a new perspective.And butterflies represent transformation....That is what I am undergoing. This was like a message to me to hang in there, and to lighten up.I am very grateful for this experience.

This really made my day.Soooo Awesome !!!!!

~ Maggie

P.S. I had assumed that the butterfly whose picture I took on day #1 ( and is in this post)      was the same butterfly that let me hold him on day 2. Today,September 9th ,there  were two butterflies with similar markings at these same flowers. Guess  there is no way to know if it is the same one I have seen these 3 days.What is cool is to have seen them 3 days in a row at the same spot !  :)