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TL;DR: Sargon suggests to power through it.

DiogenesSep 3, 2016, 1:18:06 AM

And he has convinced me, partly.

Full video: The Curse of the YouTube Socratics

Only partially though, his main point that I can agree with being that a simple exodus of the of the "skeptic" (or alt-right depending on your fancy) community will do nothing to YouTube itself. He suggests, I believe accurately, that by simply up and leaving we are allowing them to weed us out by ourselves. He goes on to mention that third party sites like Patreon will undoubtably be of more value to the content creator regardless, which again I must concede is right. Unfortunately that's as far as agreement as I can manage with him this time as there's a litany of things I can disagree with.

 That this isn't censorship

I have to disagree, by disincentivizing people that talk about "controversial" (which is vaguely worded of course) topics you are obviously trying to get certain people to go away by not allowing them to make money through your site. Sure one can argue "private company", but when that companies money is made by individuals that GIVE them content to make money from in the first place and continue to make money from that provided content regardless of whether or not the content maker is monetized. If it isn't censorship, it might as well be theft.

Put your nose down and work through it

Now I'm not suggesting we take to the streets with fire and pitch forks, but we need to do far more then what we are doing now. Sargon suggests more subtlety and more or less working within the new rules. Personally I can not abide out of fear of "Give them an inch, they'll take a mile". This isn't the first time YouTubes tried to put a cap on people, every other time there's been an uproar (as there is now) to stop their insanity. That's how we'll stop them again.

Possible alternative?

If we want to hit YouTube where they'll notice, ad blocker. Use the SHIT out of any ad blocker that will work, make it so YouTube doesn't make any money from ads and donate directly to your favorite YouTubers patreon's if they have one. There needs to be active support of this by content creators too, they need to make it clear to their viewers to follow this course of action. If enough people do this, YouTube will notice as twitter noticed before them that we won't take being treated like children by those that sites WE support. 


Now this is mostly addressed to the people from the recent exodus, but all thoughts on the subject are welcomed of course. Thank you for reading this far.