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A l'envers ∞ the monster

FlavienneAug 28, 2016, 5:11:23 AM

A l'envers

This existence burns. Everything is just a passing blur of no. How much time has passed? Who could say..It is a solid torrent of empty energy driven by the parasitic need to stay alive. I have to eat but this cycle just repeats over and over, I cannot bear to take even one more trip down this path. There will be an end for me...A peaceful sleep, an eternal moment to rest. I will find it, anything is better than this tortured lifetrap. The kids even set out a bear trap for me, how fitting. They're getting clever. Such ingenuity and bravery, yet even their most valiant attempt could not harm me for long.

The first moment I realised I felt something that could put an end to me would be much like the very last. Their existence mirrored so perfectly that the moments reverberated like a gong off in the distant rattling of the void.

What was that...?

I felt its presence again, scared but very strong. Raw pure energy like looking into the brightest sun as its fiery rays singe off the muck and goop and horrible things that grow in the dark world. It felt like her presence scorched the filth clean off my skin. She burned like starlight. I knew she would lay my misery to rest.

I am a carnivorous plant in a world with no sunlight. The sun burned out. Most lifeforms cannot survive without the photosynthetic process. A handful can, when our connection to the sun is severed we can obtain our energy through consuming the dying life moment. It is an instinctive operation and it is very hard to control the harming impulse. Now most of the lifeforms here are extinct, in this burned out husk I call home. Stretching loneliness and dark and death, hover everywhere. I look around disgusted.

I need to find the light again. She can end this, she can make the days stop.

When I am hungry I can bend the fabric into another dimension to obtain dying creatures there. This is where I go to find her. It's not so easy a task as this ravenous hunger is time consuming.

This time I smelled blood. Lots and lots of it. My blistering skin driving me towards it at fullspeed. Repair the host. Intake the resources and repair the host. My body would just keep regenerating itself. Blood, feasting, healing, soot, dark, dank. The blur of this racing universe.

 Here. SHE IS HERE. This ends tonight. I would make sure it ended tonight.

The one she truly runs from. He stands in front of me. The kid is doing me a favour, I can help her with her situation too. Consume. He no longer exists. How lucky it is for him to be able to pass on so easily.

Screams, screams, the time is soon. I can feel her approach like a black wave rolling in towards the shoreline at incredible speed.

In this moment she is my light source. She restores my godspark to its original chlorphyllic state. She cleanses me and sends me back into the twisting nether of space.

Sweet release, like warm water down a bath drain. The smell of thyme and lavender. Copper fields and the embrace of a loved one. Hope? A feeling I didn't know existed anymore.

I drift into the pool of possibilities to get placed into my next life. In the infinitecycle of the stories of existence everything is likely at some point or another.

Perhaps I can be the hero this time and save others. I think I would like that very much...