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This simulation of a human interviewing a hyper-evolved alien is f*cking awesome

Alternative World News NetworkMar 9, 2020, 6:45:56 PM

This clearly computer graphics and altered human voices, but it's certainly creative.  A video put out last month purports to be from a 1964 classified Project Blue Book film, in which an alien known as 'EBE-3' was interviewed.

In it, he says that he is from a future earth and traveled back in time to observe the human race because all history had been wiped out.  When asked why the history was wiped out, he says that nuclear war followed governments waylaid by religious dogma.

It's an interesting story and certainly the definition of modern cinema.  Some want to believe that it's real, though there is obviously no proof given by the producers.

Regardless of whether it's real or not, the message is awesome.