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Aloe is one of the best foods on the planet; here's why the Egyptians called it the plant of immortality

The Daily PostAug 23, 2016, 9:29:15 PM

Containing over 200 biologically active, natural constituents, including polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that promote nutrient absorption, Aloe is considered one of the healthiest and most nutrient-packed foods on the planet.

Often, it is used as a topical aid for burns and scratches.  It soothes the skin and does amazing work there, but the real benefit is when it is ingested.

According to The Journal of Environmental Science and Health, aloe vera also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties that help the immune system cleanse the body of toxins and invading pathogens.

The Native Americans referred to the plant as the "wand of heaven" and the ancient Egyptians called it the "plant of immortality."  Now we know why.

Aloe can be purchased as a dietary supplement.  It can be acquired in a jug and drank in juice form.  It's important to watch out for aloe drinks that have added anything; make sure you get pure aloe juice.  It tastes sort of like yogurt, likely because it's packed with similar enzymes and compounds.

Speaking of, here are a list of amazing minerals and vitamins that come inside the leaf.


  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • chromium
  • selenium
  • sodium
  • iron
  • potassium
  • copper
  • manganese


  • A
  • C
  • E
  • Folic acid
  • Choline
  • B1
  • B2
  • B3 (niacin)
  • B6
  • B12 (this one's huge for the production of red blood cells and a staple for vegan diets)

It also contains 20 of the 22 essential amino acids that humans need.  You can, additionally, find enzymes in there like amylase and lipase which aid in digestion by breaking down fat and sugar molecules.

Try eating it.  You will notice an immediate effect.  In addition to cleansing the stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and colon, it provides relief for indigestion, upset stomach, ulcers, and inflammation in the gut.  It has also been found to heal mouth ulcers.

Do it.