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WATCH: Man attempts to rob store with a sword; runs into clerk with a bigger sword

Truth?Apr 30, 2020, 3:31:45 PM

At the Perry Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, would-be robbers were rebuffed when their sword-weilding robbery went south.

Two young men entered the store, one armed with a sword.  After threatening and confronting employees of the store, one of the clerks is seen reaching for a sword of his own.

His was much bigger.

The thief with the sword approached behind the register to demand money.  This is when the clerk approached with his scimitar and charged.

The thief, caught off-guard, turned and bolted.  “[The clerk] had a sword, so he just removed the sword and attacked him,” M.C. Hydare, the brother of the store clerk, told WPZI News in Pittsburgh. “Then when he hit the sword that the dude had in his hand – my brother hit the sword – he ran away.

“I just want to give a message to them: Don’t try this. You can have money in a better way. Not this,” said Hydare. “Please stay away. Go and find work somewhere.”

The clerk was also loaded with a gun, but since the robbers only came with a blade, he didn't reach for it.