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Truth of UFOs and 9/11 is actually slowly being declassified

Alternative World News NetworkJul 15, 2016, 2:50:59 AM

The 29 pages, potentially linking the Saudi government  to the 9/11 attacks, were once classified and hidden from public view.  The 'official' story was that there was no Saudi connection to 9/11; end of story.

Now we know different.

It is as if our school system teaches us logic so that we obey.  "If you aren't told it happened, then don't start believing it happened."  It's easy to remain brainwashed and believe what you're told.  It's also easy to break out of that and see it for what it is.

We are being told there are potential Saudi ties.

Former senator, Bob Graham, calls the 29 pages the "cork in the wine bottle," indicating that once it is released, people will be able to sue the Saudi Government for damages.  Graham chairs the committee that uncovered the pages.

CNN reveals that intelligence agencies, law enforcement and the State Department have all performed "minimal redactions," which probably means they took out the bombshell evidence.  Getting an organization to implicate itself is a tricky job.  We don't live in a fantasy where people just turn themselves in all the time.

Though they were known as the "28 pages" before, a new one has been added for release.

Regardless of redactions, the people involved seem very happy about the release. "This is great news," says Jerry Goldman, a lawyer who represents families of victims in a class-action suit, seeking to sue Saudi Arabia. "The families are happy just as the American people should be happy that information that has been kept hidden for well over a decade is finally coming to light."