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These people are forever changed after DNA shows where their ancestors are from

Alternative World News NetworkJun 28, 2016, 10:30:06 PM

It's an amazing and eye opening experience to find out that those you thought you hated are actually your ancestors.

Why does the Englishman hate the Germans?  He's 20% German!  This video derails Nationalism in such a glorious, spectacular way.   Momondo, the company behind the idea, has presented the possibility of finding out your lineage to the entire world (if you're from one of the countries that allows this kind of DNA testing).

They're offering it as a contest, encouraging people to submit themselves via video to receive a DNA kit.  Spit in it?  Mail it in and if you're selected you'll win a journey around the world.

Though it is almost Orwellian (what, are they trying to compile a database of peoples' DNA?) it seems harmless enough.  "There would be no such thing as extremism if people knew their heritage," said Aurelie, one of people awakened to her genetic past.

Ultimately, the video speaks for itself and if people were awakened to their lineage there would be much less conflict.  Less borders constructed in the mind, of us and them.  We are all one people; our ancestors traveled around.  That's about all there is to it.