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Footage of an immense pot plantation found hidden under a giant black cloth in Mexico

Alternative World News NetworkJun 25, 2016, 9:57:07 PM

In 2011, Mexican soldiers discovered the country's largest-ever pot plantation, spanning over 300 acres.  It was hidden under a black cloth in the middle of the desert and the location even has plumbing for running toilets and an advanced irrigation system.

The plantation was found 250 kilometres south of the U.S. border.


A house and facilities sit uncovered at one end of the massive plantation


Army general Alfonso Duarte said that traffickers could have harvested about 120 tons of marijuana from the plantation, worth about 1.8 billion pesos or about $160 million.'We estimate that in this area, approximately 60 people were working. When they saw the military personnel, they fled,' Gen Duarte told reporters.

As we continue to legalize throughout the United States, illegal operations like this have been on the decline.  It is often, though, that we find the majority of our greatest fears right under our nose.