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10 photographs of Nikola Tesla that you probably haven't seen

Alternative World News NetworkMar 10, 2020, 9:04:58 PM

One of the greatest scientists of our time, Nikola Tesla is responsible for the invention of radio, X-Rays and wireless electrical transfer.  He was so great, that the powers-that-be stifled him; Edison and JP Morgan bought and shelved his patents to keep control of the electric grid.

Regardless, his legend lives on (and so do his inventions).  Tesla was seen in a variety of photographs over the course of his life.  Here are ten wild photographs you may not have seen of the man.

1899: Tesla peers out the door of his Colorado Springs laboratory

1899: Tesla sits in his Colorado Springs laboratory while electricity arcs through the air around him.

1899: Tesla lets loose the experiments on high voltage electricity

1899: Tesla sits in front of his generator as nitrogen glows in the electrical field around him

1916: Tesla with one of his later-in-life inventions

1916: Tesla is pictured in his 8 West 40th Street office.

Nearly fifty years before they were commercially adopted, Tesla built and created gas-filled phosphor coated light bulbs.

One of the more popular images of Tesla, sitting and reading in front of his high-voltage transformer.

1898: Tesla holds a lamp that is lit up by a generator a few meters away.

1899: Tesla demonstrates wireless electricity transfer in the Houston Street laboratory.