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Watch this guy completely destroy the myth that men should always pay for dates

Ian CrosslandJun 22, 2016, 11:04:19 PM

I'm a man; likely I'm biased.  I spent about two months Tindering my soul and when I did go out and pay, I found myself wondering where that extra money went that I could have used to buy a beanbag chair, or the four-pound bag of almonds that has quickly become a dietary staple in my household.

Yes, I was bled dry, but I felt guilty.  I still felt that I needed to pay; if I was going to ask a girl out, I was responsible to facilitate the evening, from start to finish.

It's a weird social construct.  I  understand the tribal aspect of it.  The women would stay healthy to raise the child, the man would take care of everything else as best as possible (bring home the bacon, so to speak).  The thing is, we don't live in a tribal society.  We are extremely independent and, being raised at the dawn of the internet, taught that men and women are equal - different, but equal.

So what is this myth that men are supposed to pay for dates?  What about holding the door?

Trust me; I legitimately want to give my coat to a girl if she's cold and I care about her.  Her physical health is the most important thing.  This, however, has little to do with finance.  The world is changing rapidly; human consciousness is changing rapidly.

It was only just recently that I decided to go the even route.  She pays, I pay; we each pay half.  that was the tenet of the longest and healthiest relationship I have ever had, so let's bring it back.  Then I saw this video.

He makes a good point.  Where does the expectation come from?  Movies?  Cartoons?  It's as if society has trained us to fall into this pattern, buy the things that make us more feminine or masculine, act a certain way.

It makes so much more sense to work equally, from the beginning, as friends and partners.  We're not out to screw each other over.  We're here to make the world a better place.  If we both throw in, it's going to happen a lot faster.