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Shifting Conciousness-Accessing other Realities 💡💡💡

Meg Boardman (aka Cartman1/Nikki) Feb 25, 2019, 11:33:02 AM

Shifting Consciousness-Accessing other Realities


Meg Boardman (aka Cartman1/Nikki)

Jun 4, 2016, 6:19:05 PM

Many people are now being turned on to the concepts of 'Consciousness and 'Parallel Realities.' The mere mention of such things get people excited, but they will often exclaim that they have no idea how to expand their own consciousness states, let alone access another reality.

The fact is, we are all shifting consciousness states, and accessing other realities, every moment whether we're conscious of it or not.

In the 3rd density reality, we have created a structure for the 'NOW' or the present moment. It is an ILLUSORY LINEAR TIME CONSTRUCT that we call PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE.

Much like a movie that is one picture, or one film that is made up of segments, or pieces to create the WHOLE, our existence actually only ever consists of one moment...the NOW.

If we were to understand this concept with more clarity, we could take the movie of our life, and slow it right down. As the film is projected in slow motion, we can see the pieces that make up the movie in its entirety. We could even freeze frame sections as we go through this process.

As we go through life, we are continually shifting consciousness, and changing our position in terms of our reality. So we are in fact, slipping into other realities constantly.

As we shift consciousness, we create experiences or segments/pieces of our knowledge we call life, while we exist in the NOW.

As we do this, segments or pieces are recorded and stored in the DNA, as cellular memories. Some cellular memories are more dominant than others, depending on our unique vibration during the creation process of a particular segment. The recorded parts are what we term as the PAST.

The recorded information we call the PAST is stored within the individual as memory and consists of unique perspectives or personal experience held by that particular individual. The recorded data is also created collectively, and this is why we perceive the whole era's that have come and gone. We even attach labels to these era's, such as the Victorian Era, The Dark Ages or The Elizabeth Age.

What happens often, is that the collective consciousness shifts dramatically, and we enter a new era, as a result of the mass change occurring. When enough individual aspects of consciousness (different people), all vibrate at a similar rate and want or 'desire' the same things, to manifest as their reality, something exceptional happens...The collective consciousness 'shifts' all at once/together, to a new reality, or what is more commonly referred to as a 'New Age' or 'New Era.'

When we raise our vibration, we have expanded our awareness to a degree, where we can see the alignments to our thought process manifesting. We often call this coincidence, but it is synchronicity playing out in front of us. We can see it more clearly because we have expanded our awareness.

Synchronicity is evidence that we are creators and shows us that we have aligned our vibration to our thought processes.

The more we expand our consciousness, the easier it will be to shift to the reality we desire.


Meg Boardman.