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My Life as an Online Rodeo Clown - Chapter 1

Japhy RyderJun 1, 2016, 2:28:37 PM

As some readers may have already guessed, MINDS.com is NOT my first online networking rodeo.  When SEEN.is emerged circa the tail end of 2014, i quickly caught wind of it via #INFOWARS reporter Joe Biggs. The platform and philosophy immediately struck me as appealing, and a potentially genuine alternative to the #Facebook #KRAKEN.

Moreover, they purported to have their network servers residing in #ICELAND; a nation whose personal privacy laws are indeed legendary.

As a SEEN newbie, i started things off simply by trying to reach out to certain people, in an attempt to establish a friendly rapport.  While the new network had it quirks, and things were clearly not completely up to speed from a developmental, layout, nor functionality standpoint, there were a number of great posters with helpful links, information, contagious levels of enthusiasm and so on.  Overall, things seemed quite promising.  

Along with trying to build up a new network of online contacts and friends, i also set about designing a few little #groups based upon my field of interests, #hobbies, influences and the like.  It was during this period i came to make the #virtual aquaintance of several VERY interesting people. A couple of them told me they were old #Vietnam #Vets, one based out of AmeriKa, the other in Asia; but this was about as as far as they were willing to go. They then asked if i'd be interested in helping them out with a little online project.  Wanting them to fill me in a little more on the details, they told me it consisted mostly of constructing online groups, providing quality content, and engaging in productive social networking.  

Wow! Sounded pretty cool to me.  


But was it all really as simple as that?  How much time would one be expected to commit?  Would there be any #MONEY involved?  As far as the time investment was concerned, i was assured no more than a few hours each week.  RE: Cash & credit etc, they told me maybe this would all materialize at some point down the road, but for the immediate future not to worry about such things.  If i wanted to do my part in helping humanity, and building a brighter solutions-based future, it would be required of me to be more selfless and committed.   i was told simply to follow their lead, watch what was done, and more or less copy, paste and share everything as widely as possible.  

Step #2  - Wash, rinse, and repeat.  

We exchanged some basic  information re: strategy, vision and the like, but rarely anything more on a personal basis. From what i was told, there would be a total of EIGHT keyboard warriors making up our little #posse. i had no idea where things might lead, but life in Korea was boring and dead-ended as all hell. Sure, i had a "REAL" job, and a wife, along with two goofy little cats, but was quite socially isolated due to my remote location. It was refreshing to be reminded i was not alone, and there were actually like minds to be found.  Not everyone in the world was a totally ignorant & selfish cunt; there were indeed still a few decent and noble souls residing somewhere "out there." 

Even though we were starting out small, i had nothing better to do, and who knew where it all might lead?  Things could very well turn out to become one hell of an adventure.  So, whether through their silvery-tongued seduction, or a sudden moment of SAMADHI, i honestly can't say i recall, it was ultimately agreed i was to be recruited as a member, dedicated to playing a "small" part within their online creative production team.  

Hang on! That's not the way it was supposed to be.

Initially unaware of their every intent, as things turned out, i would later be asked to informally serve as the public face, or posse "#posterboy" as some might say.  True to form, the group's inner core remained strictly intent on keeping a much lower, discreet and anonmyous profile.

Right around this time rumours and allegations began to swirl regarding not only SEEN.is being infiltrated and subverted by agents of the evil empire, but also that state spies were making lists and taking names of all network members. What better way than to database a fair chunk of the world's potential protestors, dissidents and AWAKENED souls, than to draw them all together into a "special" little online arena?   

As things turned out, SEEN.is lost all of its initial momentum.  #Membership peaked at a little more than 100,000, and both user #participation and #communication completely dropped off to a mere tricklish whimper.  Another matter which beame quite evident, and may ultimately have even played a role in the network's floundering was the excess abundance of RIGHT-WING American #fundamentalists. i'm likely not the only one who believes DIVERSITY is the spice of life, hence the reluctance of many other "freaks", eccentrics, and genuine lovers of liberty to engage inside a forum dominated by such narrow minded and exclusive interests.

Word was quickly spreading around SEEN that Informed Planet had a lot more to offer.  More open, welcoming and diverse, they were also touting an improved, upscaled, and all-around better format.  My "posse" leaders encouraged me to follow their lead and transition over, essentially taking many of the same groups we'd established on SEEN.is, and start building them ... ALL OVER AGAIN.

Along with the apparent "special interest" agenda, most of SEEN's promised upgrades had yet to pan out, and clearly the public's patience was wearing thin. While there would be no abandoning the "baby with the bathwater", SEEN.is would now definitely be taking a back seat; at least until they managed to more successfully get their collective online act together.

Interestingly, it was also somewhere around this time, ANOTHER new socal networking and information sharing platform started making some sudden waves throughout the world of alternative online social media. A curious little project with the domain name MINDS.com

For the time being, however, it looked like we'd be taking a little ride down the Informed Planet highway.  "Best not to spread oneself out too thin," was the group's over riding  consensus, as once again we were off to the races.  Destiny was calling, and Informed Planet it was to be. 

Only this is where the story REALLY starts to get interesting, so be sure to hang on to your hats.

Is everyone buckled in?