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How You Pick the Perfect Harness for Your Dog

dogprimeMay 9, 2016, 7:15:19 PM

If you are searching for the right harness for your dog, you may find it difficult to know how to choose the one that best fits. There are a number of harnesses, each aimed at meeting a different goal. The first thing you should do is decide the main reason you are thinking of purchasing a dog harness. You could be buying it for your daily walks, to keep your dog from pulling, because you want to train your dog, to keep your dog’s body warm during harsh cold weather, when your dog is a service dog, for identification purposes, when your dog has had surgery, or if you simply want to ensure your dog is stylish as they walk. There are other things, besides why you are using the harness, that you should think about.

What’s Your Budget?

There are a lot of harnesses available, and anyone on nearly any budget should be able to find one to meet their needs. If you are own a low budget, it is best to think about buying steel nickel plated hardware. This material can ensure that the fittings are durable. If your budget allows you to spend a little more, brass has all the benefits of nickel, and is also well-known for protecting dogs with sensitive skin and dogs that have allergies.

How big is Your Dog?

Make sure that you measure your dog before you purchase a dog harness, or any other type of pet product they will wear, from the pet shop.  You want to make sure that you are attentive as you are taking the measurements so that you will not have to try and exchange it for a new one. Most harnesses can be adjusted to a certain degree, so if your dog is in between two sizes, you can usually contact someone from the store in order to help you pick the best one.

What type of Materials?

Nylon dog harness are typically best for dogs living in wet weather or in climates that have high humidity levels. Nylon and leather are both good choices for dogs living in dry climates. You should care for the harness as per instructed in order to make sure you can get the most from it. You can look at a number of different types of material, made in numerous ways. You can even find designer dog harnesses that will help your pet look better than ever.

What type of Features?

There are a variety of different things that you should consider whether or not you want in the harness. Do you want a harness that has padding in order to make your dog more comfortable? Handles are also excellent for use tracking or training your pet. Handles can also be a nifty addition to the harness. These handles can be used as a control tool when you are not using a lead for a dog and can help keep your dog safe from harm. Finally, reflective trim can help keep your dog safe from drivers by making sure they are visible when walking after dark.