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Farmer son of Warren Buffett is using family billions to create sustainable farms throughout Africa

Alternative World News NetworkMay 9, 2016, 3:45:10 PM

Howard Buffett, son of one of the world's richest men, Warren Buffett, has traveled the world developing his ability to transition farms in poor countries so they can sustain the populations.

A farmer himself, Buffett's foundation focuses its funds and attention globally.  He spends about 200 days a year traveling, having visited the poor in 154 countries and all 84 countries in Africa.

“I’m a farmer. I know what I can get from improved seed. I know what I get from fertilizer. They’re huge,” he said.  “But technology can’t build organic matter. It can’t create topsoil. It can’t magically protect water quality. It’s a quick fix, and Africa needs a long-term solution.”

He is working together with other foundations to advance no-till farming in Ghana and provide loan guarantees for local seed companies across the African continent.

His “Brown Revolution” is creating sustainable farms that prevent erosion, preserve topsoil, and regenerate farmland.

Howard's deed is a noble task.  He admits that he does not have all the answers but he knows that long-term, sustainable growth and development of farm land is a much better option than shoving GM seeds and pesticides into the mix.