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This is the most insane, close-up footage of a tornado you have ever seen

Alternative World News NetworkMay 8, 2016, 11:55:22 PM

Earlier this week, a tornado touched down just north of Wray, CO and storm chasers were there to capture it on video.

Chasing tornadoes may be one of the crazier hobbies, though this footage is undeniably awesome.  They are doing an artistic service, experiencing the thrill of the chase and ending up with the payoff of the footage.

The behavior has been around for a long time but was popularized by movies like Twister and shows like Storm Chasers.  Compiling huge amounts of online video footage of the chase has encouraged more people to do it and occasionally you get some insane footage, like the giant spinning caricature in the above video.


Ok, it's dangerous.  If you're still into it and want to chase storms, yourself, check out this list of advice on getting started and staying in the right head-space.


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