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Inside the Svalbard seed vault, the world's most valuable mountain fortress

Ian CrosslandMay 6, 2016, 11:04:23 PM

"Five doors until we are into the secret room," says Bente Naeverdal, manager and engineer at the Svalbard seed vault.  She takes scientist, Derek Muller, into the depth of the mountain to show him the ice vaults.

It is built into the side of a mountain so that if all the ice melts on Earth, it will still be above sea level.

There are three vaults.  Muller captures it on video

Its primary goal being to "preserve the diversity of the world's food crops," says Muller.

It's kept at -4 to -5 degrees celcius all year, naturally because of its environment.  There are a huge number of seeds, labeled and stored by faith (no one knows exactly what's in each box).

The importance of food storage cannot be understated.  We are preserving future generations, regardless of activity, if all goes well.

Now let's act and work together so we can preserve food in space as well.


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