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Who am I?

AliceWApr 28, 2016, 12:17:31 PM

~I believe there was times when we felt like a winner, avoiding all big things and mistakes. But, we were losers. And I always take risk, speaking the Truth- which they can't accept. Unfortunately, that means only that they didn't move from that 'throne'. ~

2012. was great year. I've faced Life and all of its ups and downs, in my experiences and in Global scale. So, with 2013. I opened and closed all doors of my Soul. (So far..) I'm still doing that... Hope I'll never stop. (:

When someone asks me who am I, I answer- Alice. Who is she? Or what? She's my Light, my Muse, Inspiration and Warrior. And Love belongs to me, so I can always give it away. Together, we're Soul.

Alice love brainstorming. It helped me to focus on main things and experiences of my Life.  Downs become lessons and ups become guides.  Simple as that. 

So, there's no really 'I', 'Me', I belong to Alice and she belongs to me.

Take notes about YourSelf ... 


1. What am I?


~There's only one way left for me-way to infinity. I can't give up even if there's fear... Anywhere you can fall, it's the same thing everywhere, mud is mud- you can make a mess, but your Heart stays pure forever.~

After many years, doors of my Soul opened.  I was looking backwards and it really was gift from my Soul to me. I embraced everything and it directed me to Eternity. Maybe in next Lifetime I could be a tree :) but in this one- every second becomes like a little Eternity, one 'I AM' and 'I EXIST' , breathing completely in harmony with everything around me.

~It's true that we live just a moment of Eternity, but we're made of a little Eternities also, so we can become it. That's the secret of immortality.~

-Alice. (The Demons of Truth in our Lives)

~I'm a child of Love. I look the entire lifetime of that evil seed springing up, buds and open up to the Firmament as black, graceful, but poisonous flowers. I'm not trying to pick them up, but they look prettier than anything my eyes saw once. 'Someone from above, is watching us .....' I want blissful smile before bedtime each night to myself. It is an inseparable part of me and my right!~

~My Heart loves me, it beats all around and makes my brain to work. Justly... And in the return it gets a lot of pleasure, strength and will. Make your body to produce only the things that feed your Soul, and everything else you'll get from outside- you choose which and what. My perception doesn't have any conntact points with reality.  What's reality? Is it our experience of it, or how we  affect it or how it affect us? Is it independent and objective, or it is just her projection through us on the outside? Or is it like a wave through us which we allow or not, depending on our courage or fear, stubbornness or softness, and it's making us what we really are...? ~

2. Who am I?

~Women with scars are no different than women with tattoos.~

How many questions did you ask yourself today? Any questions? Do you do that at all? Is every day of yours the same or you want to explore and meet new things, people and Self again? What's preventing you? How much  will you have for Life when you get up in the morning? Or in the noon? Do you know what is cause of that Emotions and behaviors? How sure are you about them and how safe are you  from them?

'I'm happy, even if I don't want to be sometimes........ I'll hurt myself only with ingratitude, and for that I am incapable.' -Alice. 

What you think and what you really are, isn't always the same thing. Our Mind must achieve harmony with the Body. What you think- that you should live, because you live what you think! Getting to know Self so much that when you breathe, you're realizing yourself, accepting and embracing as a true friend, even your frustrations, you think about the beautiful. And while you think- you will live!

~Sing, be crazy and enjoy Self in Creation. As the dance begins in Nature, so the Spirit wakes up. Face it with a smile and a song of your soul. Celebrate it open- minded and with pure Heart. Let your every step on the Earth resound to Heaven!~

3. Where am I?

~It can be very hard to decide -all by ourselves, what is going to remain in our Life. There are glass, rocks and particles; splendor and tears, and smiles and the pain,  but only in a natural way it becomes a whole, worth mentioning. In Light is salvation. In eternal Love, which will create and keep secrets of our existence, even in the times after us.~

~Insecurity, fear, regret are coming from mistakes we done long time ago, or from mistakes done by others that we had to suffer from... When people think they have no escape and they can't keep doing that etc. It's not bad to change all of that, even for the worst, change is always good, but we should know that we can't run from our problems- that's rude to yourself! Beside that, everyone can do it...'~

~The moon has changed, tides, currents in me; storms are just starting out and the Sun gently announces departure to rest. Well, I just woke up. ~ Opened a new door and move through them before they're closed again. ~ A new era; let Silence be my guide to the Light; Let Heaven hears the whisper, send in prayer when I close my eyes and, every time I wake up in the morning , celebrating the existence of myself and my life. ~ In the chapter of darkness, shall be any doubt of the World; Let there quietly resting with fear. ~ I begin the day with a smile and gratitude, with hope that the images of happiness and prosperity in prayer- will answer. '~

- Alice. (The Demons of Truth in our Lives)

Eternity, forever- will forever be complex time period and many won't solve it. I admit that when we think about that, we think about some very different things from that. We never look out for our words and thougths, but they truly make our World and reality. So, don't call other things when you want Eternity, they'll just scream on your ears, so you couldn't hear your beloved. 

Love, but not by words... And forever- only if you truly think about Eternity.