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Community Admins

MindsGaming Community Apr 26, 2016, 2:42:41 PM

Every group with MindsGaming has a community admin. Admins may remove or ban users that flood the group with unrelated topics. We do suggest admins warn users first and suggest another group where they can post as much of that content they wish, and to please remove the current post.

Admins may also update the group keyword, banners, avatar and so on, this may change according to the active admin, admins are asked never to remove tags.

Community admins are promoted for proper use of groups and activity inside them as well as support for the open community layout. No current user has ever asked to be an admin with us. If you have been promoted to an admin inside a group and wish to be added to another we gladly accept.

Do not ask us to become an admin we will not respond enjoy the open groups and invite members of your interest! Don't see a group launch it yourself in the launching area! 

How Community Leaders Help

This is how it works:

1. Gain new members for the community and your groups by reminding and boosting posts from community groups. This helps your clan/community or group grow! (Reminds appear on your feed)

2. Respect members of the Minds community! Everyone likes trying out groups, Invite minds you like to your community or group remember that almost every Minds is in a group/ community already only by sharing resources and members, posts, videos, links can groups & community thrive!


Points: Points are given at random to admins, as well as points for prizes for the community are given to admins in some cases. Members -> Use our groups to keep this active!