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How to convert your own urine into water if you absolutely have to

Truth?Apr 25, 2016, 6:40:14 PM

Maybe you are stranded in the desert with no civilization or life in sight.  Maybe you're stranded on a busted elevator for days.  Maybe you're just in an experimental sort of mood. Whatever it may be, do not just go drinking your own urine, because there are ways to filter it using very simple tools and mother nature.

If you are in a life-or-death emergency situation where you need liquid right away, drinking straight urine can save your life.  But if you have even a little time on your side, a much safer alternative would be to use one of these filtration processes that will result in actual water.

Firstly, this method is perhaps the easiest, you just need to have access to two bottles and some tape.  Watch wilderness expert Bob Gabriel explain this method:


This next method takes a little more work but is just as effective. It is the hole-in-the-ground still as shown in the video below by the incomparable Bear Grylls.  This method works well if you have any sort of cup and a sheet of plastic.  Watch Bear explain how it works:


So, next time you find yourself out of water and away from civilization, don't panic and don't go drinking your urine straight right away.  Be smart, and drink responsibly ;)