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Activist develops way to oxygenate your house using plants

Alternative World News NetworkApr 18, 2016, 2:36:36 PM

Environmental activist and CEO, Kamal Meattle, has figured out a way to counteract pollution on a local scale.

By locating three specific plants, the Areca Palm, Mother-in-law's Tongue and the Money Plant, that efficiently convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, he was able to counteract his own lung deterioration in Delhi.

After being diagnosed with degeneration of the lungs, he began his task of figuring out how to live in a polluted city and keep clean.  He seems to have found it.

The money plant is even able to pull formaldehydes and other volatile chemicals out of the air.

By placing the plants in specific spots in the home, as well as getting a certain number of them (often 4-8 of each plant), you can set up a situation where your room could be sealed in an air-tight situation and you'd still have unlimited amounts of oxygen.

Placing house plants in offices around the world can improve productivity by giving the workers the energy they need to stay awake.  Oxygen's a hell of a drug.


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