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Giants against silence

AliceWApr 8, 2016, 6:36:30 AM

If we are going to talk these days, we should stay grounded and be real. If we are going to keep silent, we should be very wise or very stupid. If we are going to observe, we should just open our eyes- everything is in front of us! But, we should always keep in mind that not everyone is as lucky as we are, when they open their eyes- they see only dark pulled over them. And as much as we feel sorry, rejection, disapprovement you should know that that is not going to help them. Only the biggest understanding and wisdom in our actions can provide real image of a Man. Before we do anything, we should know that one generation of a mankind is lost and coming back is far away from it's goal.

Do you ever think about how The Giants came to this World? Do you ever think about who are The Giants? Do you ever think about on which and what World they came? Do you ever think at all?

Who are The Giants for you, not others opinions... just for you? Do you understan how little you need to be one of them? That will help you in self- understanding and work on your inner Man. For the beginning answer yourself and be honest.

When you decide that you're worth living being of this World, do you think before?  What is worth living being and how many connecting points you have with that at all? Do you feel enormous pain looking at the modern World? Do you feel stream of Love pouring on your back and wraps you into Her hug when you think about your family, or about Mankind? What Man can feel and why? There's as many various as much as twisted genes in this World. But, you should know that only Love is Universal and no matter how much of Her is there, and no matter in which ways, it's primordial. Only Love can keep you safe from this madness. Forgiveness. Peace. Life in Energy. Unity with Nature. As when Man was happy and worth every mention. 

Do you remember stupid things we did as kids? Who was there for us? Parents. That Love is very very strong, despite this heavy- weight World. You should realize that Love is coming only from within and there's less and less people who are lying themselves... Why? We need so little to be The Giants of a Mankind! Just a little bit more of Love and persistence in our actions which can change the World! 

“The mind is like a parachute it only works when it’s open.” — Albert Einstein


If you think that you're too small that your voice won't be heard, you're wrong. Every truth is painfull and very hard for those who are confused and many are going to laugh at your face, but didn't martyrs forgive tortures and wasn't that moment of forgiveness sublime, and we feel release ... So that is our Soul going higher. Remember that. When you feel that, nothing is going to be unattainable- power of the Sprit in the unity with our Body easily transform our thoughts in actions and we keep living relieved of lies of a modern World etc.  We really should help people who are opening their eyes, to see the Truth of Universal Love. 

Be a Man worth living in this World, let yourself BE. And with every trick life is have for you- JUST BREATHE. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF AND HONEST... THAT WAS THE GIANTS AFTER  ALL.