Watch this old guy move 10 ton stones with ancient tech and build his own Stonehenge

Using what he believes are the original methods, retired carpenter W.T. Wallington has recreated his own version of the ancient megalith.

According to Wallington, “over the years, many times I had to improvise on tools that were not at hand in order to get the job done,” he writes. “At one of these times, about 20 years ago, I had to remove some 1,200-pound, saw-cut concrete blocks from an existing floor. The problem was that we did not have a machine that could reach some of the blocks. The only obvious answer was to break the blocks into smaller pieces with a sledgehammer and load them into a wheelbarrow. To me, this seemed to be too much labor at the time, so I improvised.”

But did they have concrete slabs to work on back then?  Not sure the 2-pebble technique works on soil/dirt, but I suppose they could manage by placing rocks in the path they wanted to travel.  Whatever the case, still impressed.