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Denmark cuts food waste by astounding 25%. Grocery stores sell 'expired' food for cheap

Alternative World News NetworkMar 9, 2016, 1:17:05 AM

Danish grocery store, WeFood, is making a name for itself by only selling food waste and people are lining up to get in on the discounted product.

Importantly, it needs to be shown what "food waste" actually is.  Though rotten food can make the list (and isn't sold in stores) all sorts of good, fresh and edible foods make their way into the "waste" category.  From white rice that is mis-labeled basmati to misshapen fruits and vegetables, cereal boxes with tears and even cans with ripped label, foods are labeled as wasted if they don't hit an almost snobbish level of perfection and sent to a landfill where they contribute to the estimated 1.3 billion metric tons of annual landfill food waste.

Residents of Denmark have had enough.  Over the past 5 years, the country has cut the amount of food wasted by 25%--or 35 pounds per person per year.  The most recent development in Denmark food conservation plan is grocery stores like WeFood.

And they're breaking the stigma that "waste" food is only for poor people.  A Danish princess was at the grand opening of the store and people just keep coming.


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