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The Go Sun Solar Stove heats to 550 degrees in minutes; no electricity required

Truth?Mar 3, 2016, 3:30:15 PM

Inventor Patrick Sherwin was inspired by the evacuated tube hot water heater and decided to adapt it to cooking.  It is really a whole new approach to cooking, he explains, "Instead of a big solar oven that adapts to our conventional idea of cooking, The GoSun requires a bit of adaptation of our diet. But that really is a feature, not a bug; it can be a healthier diet with less food waste."


The GoSun stove can cook a variety of tasty and healthy in just 20 minutes, with no need for fuel. The current version of the stove also contains a sun-charged lithium battery that kicks on when there is no sun, allowing you to cook anytime, anywhere. This version is set to ship in June 2016 and can be pre-ordered now on GoSun's Home Page.  It is listed at under $300 on their site and Amazon.



The GoSun is a healthier alternative to cooking with charcoal, and much more environmentally friendly than gas.  The new solar battery is full of a phase-changing organic wax material; Stick it in the GoSun for two hours and it will "autonomously cook a meal for eight people. For example, this could be four pounds of chicken or four loaves of bread."


Using the latent-heat capacity of our proprietary PCM (short for Phase Change Material) encapsulated within an aluminum extrusion, the Thermal Battery is able to store much more energy than a material with only sensible heat (such as concrete or sand). Through the process of melting the PCM at roughly 310°F or 155°C, the Sun’s energy is stored for use later in the day. Capable of reaching temperatures over 400°F or 205°C, this heat is fully insulated while left inside the evacuated tube chamber.



The design of the fold out anodized aluminum can capture the sun's energy at any angle, it then transfers it to the evacuated glass tube and amplifies it. The interior of the GoSun can heat up to 550°F in minutes.

Because the glass tube heats to such a high temperature, food can be kept warm for hours, making this ideal for many cooking needs, including picnics and barbecues, as well as at home.  The stove retains 80-90 percent of the sunlight it catches, capturing the energy in the tube without any thermal loss.