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Don't forget about the "Mass Suicide" protest at Apple factory, Foxconn, that shocked the world

Alternative World News NetworkJan 19, 2016, 6:23:42 PM

In 2011, one of the biggest suicide protests at a business was launched at Foxconn's factory in Wuhan, China.

150 workers headed to the roof and threatened to jump to their death, decrying horrific working conditions.  The year before, 18 Foxconn workers threw themselves off of factory roofs around the country, 14 of them dying.  Later that year the company installed the infamous suicide nets around some of the factories to catch more jumpers.

Foxconn is also responsible for building products from Sony,Nintendo and HP, among others.  the 2011 suicide protest was staged after 600 workers were put onto a new production line building computer cases for Acer, a Taiwanese computer company.

"We were put to work without any training, and paid piecemeal," said one of the protesting workers, who asked not to be named. "The assembly line ran very fast and after just one morning we all had blisters and the skin on our hand was black. The factory was also really choked with dust and no one could bear it," he said.

"Because we could not cope, we went on strike," said the worker. "It was not about the money but because we felt we had no options. At first, the managers said anyone who wanted to quit could have one month's pay as compensation, but then they withdrew that offer. So we went to the roof and threatened a mass suicide".