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Al Gore believes spraying sulfur into the atmosphere to counteract climate change is psychotic

Alternative World News NetworkDec 15, 2015, 2:15:41 AM

A quick fix would be nice.  For decades, we have poured large amounts of carbon and other toxic chemicals into the air and water and it is important to remember, this is no time to panic.

There are ways to fix our environmental situation, including reusing the carbon in the atmosphere with recycling technology and reseeding the oceans with a food supply.  Al Gore argues that the concept of spraying sulfur into the air to block sunlight is "insane, utterly mad and delusional in the extreme.

"The idea that we can put a different form of pollution into the atmosphere to cancel out the effects of global warming pollution is utterly insane," he told a conference call for South African reporters.

Among clearer headed ideas include using the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create carbon nanofiber.  Scientists are currently capturing CO2 and breaking it down into oxygen and carbon fibers through a relatively simple process of deposition.  According to them, if we were to implement a technology like this in an area 1/10 the site of the Sahara desert, we could return the planet to pre-industrial age carbon levels within 10 years.

Gore reiterated his rebuke, "putting sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere to reflect incoming sunlight – that's just insane.  It is utterly mad."

His extreme reaction makes sense regarding the immediate attention needed to clearly address the situation.  With access to the technology, we should be able to clean things up by mining the air for fuel, rather than adding to the mess.