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Tampons and sterile cotton bandages contaminated with cancer causing glyphosate - study

Alternative World News NetworkOct 25, 2015, 9:49:50 PM

A recent Argentinian study found that 85% of the studied tampons, cotton and sanitary products tested positive for glyphosate, a probable carcinogen found in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.

Additionally, 62% of the samples tested positive for AMPA, glyphosate's metabolite, according to the study, which was conducted by researchers at the Socio-Environmental Interaction Space (EMISA) of the University of La Plata in Argentina

On top of these shocking and disappointing findings, 100% of the sterilized, cotton gauze analyzed by the team showed evidence of glyphosate, according to Dr. Damian Marino, the study's head researcher.

“Eighty-five percent of all samples tested positive for glyphosate and 62 percent for AMPA, which is the environmental metabolite, but in the case of cotton and sterile cotton gauze the figure was 100 percent,” Marino told Télam news agency.

The news broke at the 3rd National Congress of Doctors for Fumigated Communities in Buenos Aires.  According to the president of the congress, Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez, “The result of this research is very serious, when you use cotton or gauze to heal wounds or for personal hygiene uses, thinking they are sterilized products, and the results show that they are contaminated with a probably carcinogenic substance.  Most of the cotton production in the country is GM [genetically modified] cotton that is resistant to glyphosate. It is sprayed when the bud is open and the glyphosate is condensed and goes straight into the product.”

Marino explained that the research was not intended to find glyphosate, but instead see how far contaminants could travel when sprayed by aircraft.  “There is a basic premise in research that when we complete testing on out target we have to contrast it with something ‘clean,’ so we selected sterile gauze for medical use, found in pharmacies," he said.  “So we went and bought sterile gauze, opened the packages, analyzed and there was the huge surprise: We found glyphosate! Our first thought was that we had done something wrong, so we threw it all away and bought new gauze, analyzed them and again found glyphosate."

For medical and every day use items (like clothing?) that are made from genetically modified cotton, we are seeing the long term affects of spraying them with poison.  Scientific studies have linked the chemicals in Monsanto's biocides to Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and cancer.