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New CO2 recycler captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turns it back into fuel

Alternative World News NetworkJul 16, 2015, 5:18:07 PM

British Columbia start-up, Carbon Engineering is now developing technology to suck the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and save it for fuel and other applications.

It works similar to trees, but can be implemented on land unable to host tree growth, like deserts and ice.  The carbon dioxide can be processed with hydrogen, captured from water, and combined to form hydrocarbons in the way of jet fuel and gasoline, which can then be reused.  The carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere when it's burned and captured again in a self sustaining process, powered by renewable energy.



The company is currently constructing the “wet end” of their demo plant.  This is the part that circulates liquid to scrub CO2 from the air and concentrates the product in solid calcium carbonate pellets.