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Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty Introduction

TribeofAwakeningSovereigntyJun 15, 2015, 9:04:19 PM

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a Global Collective of Communities, Cooperative Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations choosing to embody Unconditional Love, Abundance and Justice. Encompassing over 10000 acres of land, 20 ecovillages and 2000 people. Our mission is to awaken the Sovereignty within the human race by providing housing, education, living wages, food forests, sustainable energy systems, and techniques for conscious expansion to everyone. We move toward this ideal by creating and promoting a variety of products and services that support and enable evermore beings to step into their joy and bliss while serving the whole of humankind.

Some of our offerings include: Automated high density food production technologies; Artificially Intelligent software, Viral Social media services that spread awareness of the truth while paying the messenger; A complete spectrum of affordable super-foods that uplift and enhance the body and mind; Food forests that self sustain and expand upon themselves; Advanced Robotics technologies that make life easier for everyone; Solar Energy technologies that reduce our members monthly utility bills while supporting a cleaner environment; Crypto Currency services that increase our financial abundance and freedom; and Healing services such as massage, sound healing, neurolingustic therapy, and tantra.

We are one the forefront of the Global Socioeconomic Environmental Solutionairian Movement. Encompassing social justice, balanced distribution of resources, and environmental damage prevention and restoration. We offer our support by channeling the resources we create into epic world changing humanitarian organizations that are activley creating social, technological and spiritual solutions for the greatest good of the planet. 

Our communities across the world offer free housing, community membership, education, and a plethora of goods and services like delicious nutritious living food and real healing. For those that don't want to join an existing new paradigm community we offer skills, information, resources, tools and technologies to assist in becoming independent of the old paradigm. We enable all who have the will to free themselves from debt slavery. Whats cooler then that?

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Thank you! We Love You!