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Student Science Experiment Shows Plants Won’t Grow Near Wi-Fi Router

Alternative World News NetworkJun 10, 2015, 1:15:24 AM

A group of students from Hjallerup School in Denmark discovered interesting results when exposing plants to room-tone wifi.  Using two wireless routers, with similar radiation output to cell phones, they put six growing trays of garden cress in a room and exposed them for 12 days.  The plants refused to grow and some of them even died.

Conversely, they put six other trays of garden cress in a room with similar conditions but NO wifi and the plants blossomed.  Both groups of plants were watered evenly and receive equal light.  The professors verified the results and the students won a top prize in the regional science fair, garnering attention from scientists.  One neuroscientist from Karolinska Institute in Sweden was expected to reproduce the experiment in a laboratory setting.

The students were inspired to work on the project when they noticed that they were having trouble sleeping when their cell phones were next to their heads at night.  The school didn't have the equipment required to test the effects wifi had on humans and, so, they chose to experiment on the plants.

Though there has been minimal study on the danger of wifi to humans, there have been some noted cases, as discussed in this video


It's a question of "does the good outweigh the bad?"  What are your thoughts?